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Pro Knot Fishing + Rope Knots

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100+ Knots! Pro-Knot is the most trusted and the best selling printed knot reference in the world.102 knots are BOTH animated and illustrated! The Pro-Knot App makes learning to tie knots easy and fun! Each of 52 fishing knots (MOST FISHING KNOTS of any app anywhere), 2 emergency fish hook removal techniques and 50 rope knots has its own animation video, a picture of the finished knot, step by step illustrations and instructions, and a description of the knot’s use.
- 50 essential Rope Knots - 52 best Fishing Knots (most fishing knots of any App in any store!) - Animations and Step by Step illustrations. - Movable to SD card
The 52 Best FISHING KNOTS include:Terminal Tackle Connections (28):- Arbor Knot - Baja Knot- Berkley Braid Knot- Centauri Knot- Davy Knot- Drop Shot Rig - Egg Loop - Eye Crosser Knot (Knot Wars winner)- Fish-N-Fool Knot (Knot Wars winner) - Harvey Dry Fly Knot- Improved Clinch Knot- Jansik Special- Knotless Knot - NanoFil Knot- Non Slip Mono Loop - Offshore Swivel Knot - Orvis Knot - Palomar Knot - Pitzen Knot- Rapala Knot - Riffle Hitch- San Diego Jam Knot - Snell Knot traditional version - Snell Knot Uni Knot version - Trilene Knot - Turl Knot- Uni Knot - World's Fair Knot
Line to Line Knots (11): - Albright Special - Blood Knot - Bristol Knot (aka No Name Knot)- Double Uni Knot - J Knot - Nail Knot - Seaguar Knot (Fluorocarbon knot) - Slim Beauty (Exclusive - awesome leader knot) - Surgeon’s Knot - Willis Knot (Leadcore)- Yucatan Knot
Loop Knots (9): - Bimini Twist - Dropper Loop - Homer Rhode Loop Knot- King Sling- Non-Slip Mono Loop- Perfection Loop- Rapala Knot - Spider Hitch- Surgeon’s End Loop
Plus: Bobber Stopper Knot, Knot Tyer Tool Nail Knot, two Tenkara Knots and two Strike Indicator Knots and two Emergency Fish Hook Removal Techniques!
The 50 Essential ROPE KNOTS include: Hitches (27) (rope to object knots): - Anchor Bend - Blake's Hitch - Buntline Hitch - Cleat Hitch - Clove Hitch - Constrictor Knot - Cow Hitch- Distal Hitch - Girth Hitch - Half Hitch (and Two Half Hitches) - Klemheist - Marl- Mooring Hitch - Munter Hitch - Pile Hitch - Prusik Hitch- Rolling Bend - Rolling Hitch - Schwabisch Hitch- Slipped Knot- Slipped Buntline- Tautline Hitch - Tautline to Rope- Transom Knot- Timber Hitch - Trucker’s Hitch - Valdotain Tresse Knot
Bends (13) (rope to rope knots): - Backup Knot - Better Bow Knot - Common Whipping- Carrick Bend - Double Fisherman’s - Double Overhand Stopper- Heaving Line Knot - Monkey's Fist- Sheepshank - Sheet Bend (doubled version too) - Square Knot (Reef Knot) - Water Knot - Zeppelin Bend
Loop Knots (10): - Bowline - Bowline on a Bight - Butterfly Knot - Figure Eight Follow Through - Honda Knot - Prusik Knot - Slip Knot - Slipped Buntline- Slippery Eight Loop - Yosemite Bowline
Summary of Features: - 102 knots – 52 Fishing Knots and 50 Rope Knots, and two fish hook removal techniques. - Illustrations from the best selling knot reference in the world (800,000+ knot books sold) - Knots listed and searchable alphabetically by name and by category - Overview page gives explanation of knot and finished knot illustration - Step-by-Step screens give separate illustrations and directions for each step - Swipe the images to move forward or back through the steps- Animation movies of all knots - Favorites page lets you save your own list of favorite knots - Knot Terminology page explains rope and knot terms - Created by one of the most trusted and respected knot reference publisher in the world.
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